• Looking Twice at Ebola
  • Bible Study Kicks Ass
  • A Dark Night of the Soul
  • It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Friends
  • Ferguson, Race, and the Changing Narrative

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Looking Twice at Ebola

Some people will not read this post simply because it has the word Ebola in the title. I’m not sure I can blame them. Ebola has completely flooded both news media and social media. The facebook statuses that plaster my news feed seem to come from one of two camps. They are either worried that Ebola is going to begin to spread like it has in Africa … [Continue Reading]


Bible Study Kicks Ass

  God I love a good Bible study. We’re reading Mark in my humble three-person Thursday night class at Lafayette Park United Methodist Church. It’s invigorating every time we meet. For the main component of the class, we read Mark aloud. Lemme tell ya, if you ain't read Mark out loud, you ain't read Mark. In fact, there’s folks who … [Continue Reading]