• Hope in the Swirls
  • Bodies- An Advent Reflection
  • Creating New Church; Step One – Context
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  • Wordless Prayers for Ferguson

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Hope in the Swirls

Last year was the first time in a couple years that I decorated my house for Christmas... The first year it just happened...The 2nd year was intentional... I told everyone, including myself that it was because I hate the undecorating part... And that's true.  I do.  It's so tedious to wrap things up and put them away...And to make sure they’re … [Continue Reading]


Bodies- An Advent Reflection

  I’ve been thinking about bodies a lot lately.   Dark bodies, light bodies Homeless bodies, hungry bodies, hurting bodies, exposed bodies Old bodies, new bodies, breaking-down bodies, gestating-life bodies Tortured bodies, imprisoned bodies, tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets bodies, protesting for their lives … [Continue Reading]