• Micah and Wesley: Requirements and Rules
  • Please Join Me In Singing
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Micah and Wesley: Requirements and Rules

This past Sunday I preached my first sermons as pastor of a two-point charge in my annual conference: FUMC Ferris and Bristol UMC. I had the sermon prepared for a few weeks beforehand, as I had just finished up my introductory preaching course at Perkins during a 3-week summer intensive. First Sunday’s with a new pastor in a new congregation are … [Continue Reading]


Please Join Me In Singing

November 2004 We sat in the back pew giggling. “I can’t believe I’d never read these before!” “Number 4 is my favorite. ‘lustily’ and ‘sung the songs of Satan’ all in the same rule.” “Yeah, how do you sing lustily and modestly at the same time?” April 2006 Her voice was cracking all over the place. Normally a crystal clear soprano, my … [Continue Reading]