• Mall-ology: Building a Better Church through Shopping
  • A Holy Conferencing Reality
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Mall-ology: Building a Better Church through Shopping

I’m in full suburban immersion mode since launching a new, mixed-reality faith community in July. This now includes trips to the sprawl of boxed-in asphalt parking lots, strip plazas of chain retailers, and even old-school shopping malls. Yes, malls still exist. And the one in my neighborhood is busy. Well, busy is a relative word, I … [Continue Reading]


A Holy Conferencing Reality

Carter is one of the new friends I’ve made over the last year at Perkins School of Theology. Carter is a priest in a small Anglican denomination pursuing his Master’s of Theological Studies degree before moving on to Ph.D. work next year. Carter identifies as more conservative in his theological thinking and understanding, but wanted to challenge … [Continue Reading]